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16/01/2017 Discover Sailing this Sunday at DYC
18/04/2016 Community Sailing April 24th cancelled
15/02/2016 Community Hub to be officially opened this weekend
23/07/2017 No sailing 23rd July
12/05/2016 Racing on May 15 Postponed
16/12/2015 Docklands Australia Day Short Course Regatta announced
07/12/2015 DYC Sailors invited to Victorian Championships
13/01/2016 Racing Jan 17th postponed
16/12/2015 Moving in is one step closer . . .
14/12/2015 New life jackets to be purchased with grant from Vic Health.
21/09/2015 Come Try Racing day @ DYC
07/12/2015 Cancellation of 2016 INAS International Sailing Championships
14/09/2015 Community Hub nears completion
26/10/2014 Discover Sailing Day a success!
23/03/2015 DYC Sailors at Victorian Championships
06/01/2016 Memberships for DYC now due
15/02/2015 Gaskin and Elliott Lead Short Course Series
25/06/2014 Docklands Sailors Awarded
13/11/2015 DYC still closed whilst relocation continues
16/12/2015 Short Course Racing December 20th Rescheduled for 2016
21/12/2016 Short course wraps up 2016
03/09/2015 Short Course Racing returns to DYC
12/12/2016 New sails for DYC boats
02/11/2015 No Community Sailing November 8th
12/12/2016 DYC Sailors at George Mac Regatta
21/08/2015 Come Try Racing at Docklands
03/11/2016 No Community Sailing Nov 13th
01/08/2015 DYC to host Inaugural INAS International Sailing Championships
09/06/2015 Community Hub takes shape
23/10/2016 First Short Course day completed
02/03/2015 March Short Course Racing Abandoned
16/10/2016 Cancellation of Community Sailing October 16th
19/01/2015 Short Course Racing in January
09/10/2016 Cancellation of Community Sailing 9th October
18/12/2014 December Short Course Regatta
08/09/2016 2016/17 Memberships now due
16/11/2014 November Short Course Racing
07/09/2016 10th season of Short Course Racing dates announced
05/10/2014 Six races in Liberties and 303s to kick off the season
08/09/2016 Sail Country welcomes 303 sailors
28/09/2014 Short Course Racing gets underway at Docklands
08/09/2016 303 and Liberty sailors invted to compete at George Mac regatta
23/06/2014 DYC hosts Scouts Regatta
26/08/2016 A big day on the water - Community Sailing and a Sail Past
07/04/2014 Beck West tops the Short Course Series
06/04/2014 DYC helping sailors during rehab
05/04/2016 Penultimate Short Course racing day held
17/02/2014 DYC Sailors at Victorian Championships
07/03/2016 DYC hits the Yarra for the Food and Wine Festival
20/01/2014 Lively round of Short Course Racing in January
22/02/2016 5 more races completed in the DYC Short Course regatta
15/12/2013 December Short Course Racing
20/02/2016 Community Boating Hub officially opened
03/12/2013 DYC Sailors at Sail Melbourne
18/02/2016 Remaining Short Course Series dates announced
07/11/2013 All aboard for 5 Short Blasts
02/02/2016 Our Sailors at Victorian Hansa Class Championships
06/10/2013 DYC Short Course Series Now Underway
26/01/2016 Australia Day Short Course regatta winds up
16/09/2013 Short Course Series starts in October
24/01/2016 Results for Day 1 of Australia Day regatta
08/09/2013 Russell Phillips second in San Francisco
22/01/2016 Sailing Instructions released for Australia Day Regatta
29/08/2013 Neil Patterson at IFDS World Championships
19/01/2016 Hooroo to Shed 2
13/08/2013 Special Olympics Sailing Day at Docklands
10/01/2016 New sailors discover DYC on Discover Sailing Day
12/08/2013 Green light for Community Boating Centre
24/06/2013 DYC Members recognised at Victorian Yachting Awards
17/06/2013 DYC Sailors top of the table at Sauna Sail
22/05/2013 Water Rat Race
22/04/2013 Short Course Racing Winners Decided
09/04/2013 Short Course Racing concludes in April
25/02/2013 Docklands sailors claim two State Championships
18/02/2013 Gaskin takes Liberty lead in Short Course Series
16/02/2013 J-24s racing in Docklands
20/01/2013 Short Course Racing Heats Up
23/12/2012 DYC not opening today 23rd December
30/11/2012 Try sailing at Docklands
19/11/2012 DYC Short Course Racing
13/10/2012 Short Course Racing at Docklands 2012-13
13/10/2012 2012-2013 Season underway
02/07/2012 Docklands sailors nominated for awards
07/05/2012 Rotary Club of Docklands Try Sailing Day
23/04/2012 Docklands sailors on the pace at Access Class Worlds
11/04/2012 Rotary Docklands raffle
06/04/2012 Try sailing at Docklands
25/03/2012 Silver for DYC Sailors at Victorian Championships
04/03/2012 Finale of Short Course Racing Series
24/02/2012 2011-2012 Club reports
20/02/2012 Try sailing at Docklands
19/02/2012 Short Course Racing Series approaches conclusion
15/01/2012 Racing continues in Short Course Series
27/12/2011 Old sea dogs try sailing in an opti
27/12/2011 Perfect weather for December Girls' program
27/12/2011 Collingwood College students take to the waters of Victoria Harbour
26/12/2011 Sail and Power experience for David House clients
04/12/2011 Breezy Race Day at Docklands
02/09/2011 Short Course Racing at Docklands
16/08/2011 Sail school holiday registration now open
16/08/2011 Dockland members at their post
15/08/2011 Smooth sailing for Docklands Rotarians
08/08/2011 Sailing and chocolate, Sunday 14th August
05/08/2011 Boat storage goes multi-level at DYC
29/07/2011 Rotary Club of Docklands & DYC Try Sailing day
13/06/2011 Russell Phillips Third at European Champs
05/05/2011 Docklands Sailors in Asia-Pacific Champs
05/05/2011 New Facilities on the Horizon
05/05/2011 DYC Multicultural Day
31/03/2011 Docklands Yacht Club takes delivery of new high performance Rescue Boat.
08/02/2011 DYC takes delivery of two new Ozi Optis.
08/02/2011 Get Into Small Boat Sailing at Docklands
02/02/2011 DYC Sailors on Podium at Kiwi Cup
05/01/2011 Access Class 2011 Coaching Days
20/12/2010 Training Days for Access Class sailors
31/10/2010 Go Sailing Day - November 7
30/08/2010 Short Course Racing at Docklands
30/08/2010 DYC on Docklands TV
24/05/2010 Temporary Change of Club Contacts
26/04/2010 DYC members behind Special Olympics Medallists
08/04/2010 Flying Fifteen Interclub Champs in Docklands
22/03/2010 102 Races in Two Days!
14/03/2010 March Short Course Heats
06/03/2010 Victoria Harbour School Sailing Series in March
06/03/2010 Wooden Boat Festival
08/02/2010 2010 Victorian Trailable Yacht Festival
25/01/2010 Short Course Racing Underway
21/01/2010 DYC sailors excel at Access Nationals
09/10/2009 Wooden Boat Festival in Docklands
24/08/2009 Temporary Changes to DYC Contacts
23/08/2009 Special Olympics Sailing Program
16/08/2009 Sailing Abandoned Sunday August 16
10/08/2009 Short Course Racing underway in September
05/08/2009 Special Olympics Selection Regatta at Docklands
05/08/2009 2009-10 Season Information Now Available
21/05/2009 Haileybury Win Victoria Harbour School Sailing Series
08/04/2009 Inaugural Special Olympics Victorian Sailing Regatta
04/04/2009 Victoria Harbour Schools Sailing Series
08/02/2009 Short Course Results Updated
16/01/2009 Summer Fun in the City
16/01/2009 Short Course Racing
14/12/2008 Impulse sailors take on a breezy Docklands day
22/10/2008 Access Coaching Days at Docklands and Mornington
11/10/2008 Docklands Short Course Series
07/10/2008 Docklands Photos by Kylie Else
05/10/2008 An OK Day at Docklands
26/09/2008 Club Development Specialist joins Docklands
26/09/2008 New Vision & Mission for DYC
26/09/2008 Summary of 2008 Annual General Meeting
27/07/2008 Docklands Yacht Club 2008-09 Calendar
21/05/2008 No Sailing on Queen?s Birthday Weekend
10/03/2008 Trophies Presented for Short Course Series
19/02/2008 DYC Sailor is Top Victorian
10/02/2008 Short Course Results for February
04/02/2008 Busy Boat Show Weekend
30/01/2008 Mixed weather but still plenty of sailing
15/10/2007 Mornington sailor leads DYC Short Course Series
26/09/2007 Hartley 18-21 Open Day
28/07/2007 New DYC Committee Elected
28/07/2007 Roy Jewell & Paul Borg Win Blind Match Racing Regatta
28/07/2007 DYC Short Course Series
28/07/2007 Cadeyrn Gaskin fights out Victorian Championship
28/09/2015 1st week of Short Course Racing Abandonded
09/06/2015 Success at Sauna Sail

Our new location

Sailing for Everyone!

Docklands Yacht Club overlooks Victoria Harbour with sweeping views of the Melbourne City skyline and the ever changing Docklands precinct.  From January 2016, sailing will take place from the 60 metre pontoon at our new premises - the Community Boating Hub, 912 Collins Street, adacent to the Library at Dock Square.  Community Sailing days are normally the second and fourth Sunday of each month year round from 11am but are subject to change (check Calendar page for more details). Everyone is welcome. We supply the boats, lifejackets and instruction.

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